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Updated: Jun 20

Making costumes for the sake of it, now well underway. I start with the "Evil Stepsister" character from Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods", re-imagined with lots of laces, straps, short skirts, sheer fabrics, and seductions.

The design I'm making up on the fly. Normally I would plan, spend hours looking at inspiration, draw, draw, draw, draw some more, and then draw even more.

This time around I don't have a drawing, just a lot of fabric, a lot of whiskey and a lot of time.

Perhaps it's the quarantine blues, but I'm feeling like making things that look sexy, flamboyant, slightly outrageous and definitely inappropriate. Or maybe it's my love affair with Johnny Walker.

Either way, I have a stash of some great hot pink brocades that'll be the base of the "Evil Stepsister" costumes. I love corsets and want to do something with making underwear-outwear (terribly original, I know). And scandalous.

Not what I'm making, but what I'm hoping to capture the "spirit" of.

As life remains in a standstill, there's an undercurrent of some illusive yet inescapable emotion.

Apparently after the Bubonic plague, there was a record number of orgies held throughout Europe that would make Studio 54 blush. Churches and graveyards were prime locations, as people felt (and probably thought) they were witnessing the end of the world and the second coming. Life was finite, they were lucky enough to be alive, so they might as well bang their brains out in the most inappropriate places possible.

Not advocating that, but there is something to be said about the cravings of the soul.

There is some desire to live a life larger than before, more wild, more brazen. The party might not come for several months or years, but it's coming, and we might as well come prepared with corsets, crinolines, ballgowns, and champagne. Wear it like it's war paint.

Let's rebel, be defiant. In the wake of our own powerlessness, whether it be the virus, the ineptitude of our governments, or our own crushing mortality; let's drink and fuck right in the face of it.

Because, for this brief moment of time, we are alive. And we might as well celebrate it.

Party on, dudes. More sewing and musings to come soon.

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