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A New Curtain Call

Updated: May 27

Life before the pandemic was one of optimism.

As this new reality rolls in, it’s like waiting for the curtain call. Except, there is no excitement or eager anticipation, only dread of what’s to come.

Having lost a prospective job to work as a costume designer for a theatre company, I’m going to design a show. I don't have a director, a theatre house, or a company. Just lots of fabric, time, and in need of intense work to keep some sanity.

There was always the idea that in order to design a show, one needed to have these connections. However, in lieu of many avenues of life having shut down, the idea of waiting for these things now looks all the more frivolous. Rather than wait for months or years for the opportunity to come again, I’m creating the opportunity for myself.

The particular show I’ve chosen is “Into the Woods” for a variety of different reasons I’ll go into later. My goal is to design the best possible fantastical couture dream that I can.

I can’t exactly go out and buy fabric right now, so what I have is what I get. The advantage is that I have a stash I’ve saved over the years. Most of it are scraps of brocade, silk and velvet. I also have a brand new bolt of silk gauze that has sat in my closet for years, so now I’m finally putting it into use.

I’ll be making this up as I go. Partially because of the limited resources that I have, and also because I want to have some fun spontaneity amidst this cacophonous dumpster fire that is the current state of affairs.


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