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A new arrival by Ceil Chapman

Updated: May 27

Chantilly lace, beaded and dusted with rose pastels, Ceil Chapman never failed as a classic designer.

A recent purchase from an estate sale, wrapped within a dust covered box, this dress is a hidden gem that echoes of the grandeur from decades past. Echoes of Dior wrapped in a doll-like fantasy of pink satin and lace, this newest addition to the collection is a diamond in the rough waiting to be restored.

An overlay of floral lace, beaded in translucent sequins gives just the right amount of party sparkle. The scalloped hem, lined with lace and sequins, extends mid-calf in 1950's fashion. A swooping neckline mirrors the design of the hem, resting just off the shoulders and edged with similar lace and sequins.

Light boning, sewn with the seam allowance of the dress, enhances the classic hourglass silhouette. And of course, tucked within the ribbon waste tape, is the iconic label of Ceil Chapman.

This dress is the definition of indulgence: a mid-century Marie Antoinette, covered in pastel silks, lace and sequin flowers. It's like wearing a macaroon, a beautiful combination of candy sweetness with a touch of innocent romance on a breezy summer day.

Despite its beauty, the dress has seen some wear, holes within the lace and frayed edges. Having been tucked away in a dusty box for years, it's been spared the worst of aging. However, a little bit of care is needed before she can be displayed in her full glory. Until then, here are brief snapshots of what's soon to come.

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